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Fresh-Pak RoundZ: Fresh-Pak Roundz versatile packages accommodate dips, hummus, salsas, and more, with features including leak-resistant secure lids and bases.

Fresh-Pak StackerZ: Fresh-Pak Stackerz rectangular containers nest easily with other containers for compact storage and efficient use of space. Their rectangular design offers stackability, featuring tight seals and locking properties to keep food safe and secure.

Fresh-Pak To-Go: Fresh-Pak To-Go offers a comprehensive line of containers ideal for an upscale look for grab-and-go merchandise displays, including shapes and sizes to accommodate on-the-go sandwiches, meals, and snacks.

EZ-Tray Classics: The EZ-Tray Classics line comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from mini to large, and accommodates an assortment of foods and products, most commonly celery, produce, fruit, and deli items.

EZ-Tray Meat: The EZ-Tray Meat line of meat trays enhance the display of freshly packed meats through a strong, durable design with an innovative honeycomb feature on the bottom to reduce the need for absorbent pads.

EZ-Tray Seafood: The EZ-Tray Seafood line offers the best range of seafood and sushi trays available on the market, with a unique honeycomb structure design that traps in liquids and extends your products’ shelf life.

CrisPak EZ-Lok: The CrisPak EZ-Lok line of containers is unbreakable, lightweight, and transparent, and is engineered to maintain the freshness of herbs and tender leaf products while enhancing their appearance.

CrisPak Fresh-Lok: The Cris-Pak Fresh-Lok containers are perfect for preserving the freshness of tender leafs, mixed greens and salads, featuring superior technology like tamper-evident technology, film seal capabilities, and an Ultra Sonic Tear Strip to secure your products.

CrisPak Pro-Lok: CrisPak Pro-Lok containers are unbreakable, lightweight, transparent, and resealable, with water tight as well as tamper-evident clamshells to keep your products fresh and secure.

RediServ Party-Pak: RediServ Party-Pak containers are perfect for big parties or small gatherings, with a fitted lid to base seal that ensures freshness, secure transportation, and crystal-clear design to showcase your party favors and sandwiches.

RediServ Snap-Pak: The RediServ Snap-Pak line of multi-functional clamshells offers many options for muffins, cupcakes, avocados, apples, and more, and features convenient snap-onto-place lids and trays for safe, secure, and fresh products.

RediServ Visi-Pak: RediServ Visi-Pak containers feature a combo pack with a domed base and lid options for cakes, bakery items, and much more. These domed platters offer clarity and strength from supermarket to table.

Choose your Market:

Bakery & Desserts: Easypak offers a complete line of lightweight, transparent, and food safe containers designed to safely preserve delicate bakery products such as cookies, cakes, and muffins.

Herb & Tender leaf: Easypak’s complete line of lightweight, transparent, and resealable containers maintains the freshness of herbs and tender leaf food products while enhancing their display appearance.

Catering & Platters: Easypak’s extensive range of products includes over 100 shapes and sizes suitable for a variety of occasions, from catering platters to complex snack trays.

Deli, Snacks, & Food Processor: Easypak provides containers with usability paired with high quality, with leak-resistant and tamper-evident solutions as well as glove-friendly packaging.

Meat & Seafood: Easypak offers a complete line of post-consumer recycled APET meat trays that are a perfect substitute for foam trays. They are designed to be stretch wrapped and feature our proprietary, patent honeycomb like structure, our trays can capture and hold juices and liquids even when inverted.

Choose your Container Type:

Easypak containers come in a variety of types to meet your needs, including: bowl, clamshell, combo pack (lid & base), dome/platter; rectangular tub; round tub; serving utensils; square tub; trays.


Choose from 1 to 25 compartments

Special Features:

HPP: Choose HPP (High Pressure Processing) to get the containers designed to withstand food processing and maintains the optimum attributes of fresh products over an extended shelf life.

Tamper-Evident: Easypak offers a complete line of leak-resistant, clear, strong and durable packaging that protects food against contamination.

Ultra-Sonic Tear Strip: The Ultra-Sonic Tear Strip assures the container has been sealed after packing, is user friendly, and the container stays intact after removal.

Film Seal: Easypak offers round, rectangular, and square packaging with wide flanges for film sealing.

Microwave Safe: Microwave-safe containers are available across product lines.

Freezer Safe: Freezer-safe containers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and product lines.