EasyPak Bakery & Desserts: Packaging and Features You Care About

In the Bakery and Desserts industry, delicious cakes, decadent confections, and sinfully delicious desserts are only as good as the packaging. People eat with their eyes first, after all! The right plastic packaging, which protects and displays your pastries, pies, and other perfectly constructed sweets and loaves of bread exactly as you intended, is essential.

From standard to unique, at EasyPak we are perfectly positioned to deliver what you need for your wares with the producer and consumer in mind. Whether you are looking for rectangular tubs for artisan bread, our cake bases and domes for creative cake designs, or something completely unique, our custom packaging capabilities create solutions for any product imaginable that our product portfolio does not already cover.

From On-the-Go to Family-Sized packaging, EasyPak has the containers you need to meet the demand for comfort food that has risen over the past several years. Not sure what you are looking for?   Our easy Product Finder feature can help you find the right container with just five easy questions.

Breads, buns, and rolls

Our extensive family of loaf containers suits bread products for anything from a pound cake to counts of Danishes, buns, croissants, or even artisanal bread. Our large rectangular tubs feature outstanding protection to keep your products fresh, secure, and looking as delicious as they did when they went into the packaging.

Crystal clear PET containers display, protect, and can preserve your product with fewer chemical additives and ensure your delicate cakes and pies arrive in the same shelf-ready appearance as they did in the bakery.

Cakes, cookies, and cupcakes

When it comes to cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, we have the perfect containers for your needs. We offer 9” and 10” cake packaging, 4/6/8 count muffin clamshells, and 1/2/4/6 count cupcake containers. For cookies, our 24-count tamper evident cookie tray is the perfect display container, protecting your cookies while clear packaging allows your beautiful treats to draw the eye.

If you are looking for any form of clamshell container for any product, EasyPak offers off the shelf, and custom solutions.

Single Serve, On-the-Go, and Snack Sizes

With the world returning to full speed, many more people are looking for single servings, on-the-go foods and treats, and snack-size packaging. We offer a full family of plastic packaging products for bakery and dessert applications that provide essential functionality for any bakery or processor, from family sized, right down to snacks, single cupcakes, or muffins.

When it comes to the perfect round tubs for parfaits or other delicious treats, we have you covered. From the 40-ounce clear 7″ tub to the 60-ounce size, or a 10-inch 64-ounce tub, we have your family and large sizes covered.


Sustainability in plastics has been top of mind for consumers for a long time and still is today. EasyPak is vertically integrated, and our use of PET for many of our bakery and dessert products is a fantastic way to show you care about sustainability, as it is the most recycled material available.

EasyPak is Here to Help

EasyPak services the bakery and dessert, and confectionary markets with an array of offerings designed to help bakery processors increase throughput to satisfy the complex needs of a diverse customer base.

Get the confidence you need with a production partner that has the capabilities to produce for your organization at scale yet is agile enough to deliver custom packaging to suit your needs.

Have questions or want to work with an expert? Schedule a free consultation with our product team today to discuss your options and ideas.


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