Easypak offers over 600 shapes, sizes, and styles of containers in four high-performing product lines. Whether you’re looking for a specific container, or simply want to evaluate your packaging needs, our innovative food package solutions are the best option for your thermoformed packaging needs.
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Put your best product forward with Fresh-Pak™ crystal-clear plastic packaging containers. Lightweight, stackable, and secure, Fresh-Pak containers combine strength and clarity to maintain the freshness of your deli and snack products while enhancing their display appearance. Choose from a wide variety of styles, shapes, and packaging technologies crafted using high-quality materials with an upscale look, including the To-Go, RoundZ, and StackerZ product lines.

Easypak’s EZ-Tray™ line enhances the display of your freshly packed meats, seafood, sushi, produce, and more. Even better, they provide ultimate freshness protection. Made of post-consumer recycled APET, the EZ-Tray line is suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), which reduces added preservatives and chemicals for extending shelf life. Our EZ-Tray Meat line features our proprietary honeycomb structure to trap in liquids and extend the shelf life of your products by minimizing their contact with juices.

EZ-Tray products
CrisPak products

Easypak’s CrisPak™ product line protects, prolongs, and shows off the freshness of herbs, tender leaf, fresh produce, nuts, and whatever else you desire.  These sturdy, lightweight containers are resealable and crystal clear. CrisPak’s clamshell and rectangular containers are available in the EZ-Lok, Fresh-Lok, and Pro-Lok variations for ultimate flexibility. CrisPak Pro-Lok has tamper-evident technology, providing the highest level of protection for your products.

Easypak’s RediServ™ product line features stunning plastic containers that stand out at the supermarket or at a party. RediServ’s line includes compartmented containers, snap-into-place clamshells, and domed platters. These multi-functional containers are not just convenient and secure, but they also highlight the appearance of any food product.  From desserts to fresh-cut veggies to large deli platters, the Party-Pak, Snap-Pak, and Visi-Pak families will protect your products and enhance any dining table setting to showcase your food.

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Special Features

Easypak offers the special features you need to keep your products safe, secure, and fresh. Choose from containers that provide High Pressure Processing (HPP) capabilities, or film seal-capable containers across our product lines. We’re committed to keeping your products safe and secure, with many options for tamper-evident packaging, as well as containers featuring an Ultra-Sonic Tear Strip. We also offer microwave and freezer-safe containers. Easily find the features you need by using our Product Search.