When it comes to packaging herbs, tender leaf, fruits & veggies, and more, freshness is everything. That’s why we’ve developed a successful line of plastic thermoformed packaging that is engineered to protect and prolong the freshness of your produce and food products. These sturdy containers are lightweight, transparent, and resealable. Some containers in this category also have tamper-evident features.
CrisPak EZ Lok

It’s crucial to protect the freshness of herb, tender leaf, and lettuce products to avoid bruising and wilting. CrisPak EZ-Lok clamshell containers are designed for the protection and preservation of herbs, salads and other fresh produce. They maintain the integrity of the products and present them in the best light to appear as if they were just harvested. With tamper-evident technology, you can rest assured that your herbs are safe & secure.

CrisPak Fresh Lok

Fresh-Lok containers are perfect for preserving the freshness of fruit and salad. Our superior technology ensures your products are securely locked in the container to prevent leakage. Features include:

  • Rectangular shapes
  • Tamper-evident technology
  • Film seal capabilities
  • Ultra Sonic Tear Strip
CrisPak Pro Lok

Water Tight Clamshells
Let our Pro-Lok clamshells show off your fruits, veggies, candies, and whatever else you desire. Our water-tight rectangular and square clamshells secure freshness and are 100% recyclable.

Tamper-Evident Clamshells
CrisPak Pro-Lok rectangular tamper-evident clamshells are the perfect solution for packing tender leaf produce, fruits, baked goods, and more. These leak-resistant hinged clamshells provide excellent stacking, secure lid to base sealing, and outstanding clarity.