Our post-consumer recycled APET trays will enhance the display of your freshly packed meats, seafood, sushi, and more. The EZ-Tray collection is suited for complex, multi-layer-material Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to ensure an extended shelf life for delicate and fresh products. This process avoids the need for chemical preservatives or stabilizers in the food products. As plastic food tray manufacturers, Easypak provides the highest quality thermoformed plastic packaging solutions to every customer.
EasyTray Meat

Easypak offers a complete line of APET meat trays which are perfect substitute for foam trays. Key tray attributes:

  • Available in clear or black
  • Formed using 100% post-consumer recycled APET
  • Can be stretch wrapped without warping or puncturing the film
  • Designed using a proprietary, honeycomb structure that captures and hold juices and liquids even when inverted. This reduces the need for a moisture absorbing pad which enhances the design and saves money in packaging costs.
EasyTray Seafood

Easypak offers the best range of seafood and sushi trays available on the market. Our enhanced manufacturing capabilities allow for a variety of shapes, sizes, features, and technologies. The EZ-Tray Seafood trays extend the shelf life of your products by minimizing their contact with juices through our unique honeycomb structure design that traps in liquids.

EasyTray Classics

The EZ-Tray Classics line of food packaging is engineered to safely and securely contain all sorts of foods and products. Choose from a collection of shapes and designs in sizes ranging from mini to large. These trays are commonly used for celery, produce, fruit, and other deli items. With our EZ-Tray Classics collection, you’re sure to find the perfect packaging solution for your needs.