Put your best product forward with our Fresh-Pak line of thermoformed plastic packaging containers. Our extensive line of containers provides a perfect combination of strength and clarity to maintain the freshness of your deli and snack products while enhancing their display appearance. These sturdy containers are lightweight, transparent, resealable, and stackable. Choose from a wide variety of styles, shapes, and packaging technologies crafted using high-quality materials.
Fresh-Pak To-Go

Our unique design enhances shelf appearance of deli salads, fresh cut fruit, and other items for on-the-go snacking. Choose from a comprehensive line of clamshells that create an upscale look for grab-and-go merchandise displays. The Fresh-Pak To-Go line of containers feature an array of shapes and styles to accommodate sandwiches, wraps, and other on-the-go meals and snacks.

Fresh-Pak Roundz

Roundz versatile packages come in a multitude of product offerings to accommodate dips, hummus, salsas, and more. Features include a secure lid and base fit that offers optimal leak resistance. The enhanced design allows for film sealing or lidding capabilities. Brand these as your own to stand out from the rest.

Fresh-Pak Stackerz

Fresh-Pak Stackerz nest easily with other containers for compact storage and efficient use of space. Their rectangular design offers stackability capabilities through its durable, yet flexible shape. With tight seals and locking properties, these containers keep your food safe and secure while enhancing their display appearance.