Meat & Protein Trays

Sturdy, attractive, and reliable, these trays cover your needs, from ready-to-eat seafood and sushi to raw meats and charcuterie. These trays feature our patented Honeycomb Technology, which locks liquids in place without wasteful moisture pads, and extends product shelf life and freshness. Our meat and protein trays not only display your products in the most attractive way possible, but they also lock in freshness and lock out germs. Your customers will see the quality of EasyPak meat and protein trays and know you care about their experience.

Find the Right Meat & Protein Trays and Container

The best honeycomb meat and protein trays for your product are just a few clicks away. Take a look through our product search below, then reach out to request a quote or get in touch with one of our representatives today. We can help you find the exact match for your application.

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