Bakery Clamshell Packaging

Whatever your requirements for bakery clamshell packaging may be, EasyPak offers endless thermoformed plastic container design options.

Bakery Clamshell PackagingFounded in 2004, EasyPak is a leading provider of thermoformed plastic packaging solutions for a wide range of applications. We have manufacturing facilities from coast to coast – in Leominster, MA, Kalamazoo, MI, Reading, PA, Vernon, CA, and Oldsmar, FL. This puts us near your packaging location and allows us to provide you with the right packaging solutions where… and when… you need them.

What is Clamshell Packaging?

A thermoformed plastic clamshell is a clear, rigid, one-piece container that consists of two bowl-shaped halves joined by a hinge that allows it to open and close. Some plastic clamshell containers have a single hinge, while others have a multi-hinged design. Their advantages for food packaging include:

  • Single-piece construction
  • High clarity
  • Maximum visibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Protection from contamination

Most clamshell packaging is sealed with self-locking tabs, button snaps, or something called a friction fit.  When heat-sealed, the containers are tamper-resistant.  Although they may be difficult to open at times, your products will be safe.

In addition to our custom packaging solutions, EasyPak’s bakery clamshell packaging options include:

  • Cupcake and muffin containers in individual, 4-cavity, 6-cavity, 12-cavity, and other configurations that will hold everything from mini-cupcakes and muffins, to oversized cupcakes and muffins, to frosted cupcakes and high-peaked muffins
  • Cake containers that will show off your single-, double- or triple-layer cakes (with frosting or decorations), Bundt cakes, ring cakes, bar cakes, sheet cakes, half-cakes, and/or wedge slices and preserve their freshness on store shelves
  • Pie containers for packaging your regular and deep-dish pies, half-pies, pie slices, tarts, pot pies, and mini-quiches to their best advantage in various sizes, shapes and styles designed for their visual appeal and protective qualities
  • Other bakery containers, such as trays and containers for cookies, donuts, sweet rolls, brownies, macarons/macaroons, and more

Extremely durable EasyPak crystal-clear plastic containers keep baked goods from being damaged in transit or on store shelves. They feature hinged lids that are easy to open and close. Not only will the products be held securely in place, the mostly airtight containers will keep them at peak condition longer.

A Second Life for Plastic

EasyPak is committed to protecting the environment by providing customers with innovative packaging made with recycled plastic.

Sustainability is entrenched in all aspects of our business. Since the inception of our company, EasyPak has been using recycled content as a main ingredient in our packaging containers, trays and other thermoformed packages. We work hard to create second life market opportunities for recycled PET products.

Our sustainability mission:

  • Produce sustainable packaging that meets our customers’ needs
  • Reduce our impact on the environment at our operations
  • Be a true sustainability partner for our customers

Whether you need one of our hundreds of stock containers or custom bakery clamshell packaging that can be designed to meet your unique requirements for better brand visibility and aesthetic value, get in touch with EasyPak at 484-525-4231. We are committed to providing dependable, quality packaging, on time, every time.