Clamshell Containers with Lids

When you need top of the line clamshell containers with lids or other food packaging solutions, work with EasyPak. We cater to the demands of customers to ensure that the concept and final product meet their precise requirements.

Clamshell Containers with LidsEasyPak is a key player in the industry of thermoformed packaging solutions. We opened our doors in 2004, and have grown in size and capacity when we acquired Tray-Pak, Nuconic Packaging, and James L. Villa, Inc.

The growth in capacity has now enabled EasyPak to offer a broad range of products anywhere within the country. We have facilities nationwide in the following locations:

  • Leominster, MA
  • Kalamazoo, MI
  • Reading, PA
  • Vernon, CA
  • Oldsmar, FL

EasyPak offers restaurants, grocery stores, delis, and other businesses many different options – from clamshells, separate container bottoms paired with lids, and trays. Each type offers many beneficial features including leak resistance, complex multi-layer MAP containers, and tamper-evident packaging. Our facilities can produce superior quality packaging solutions quickly, but they also offer the flexibility to provide short notice packaging solutions and customizations.

Match Your Product to the Package

EasyPak provides a full-service packaging solution service. You can depend on us to create packaging from quality materials that works with an assortment of products and markets. Collaborate with our engineers to develop the design, maximize its functionality and appearance, enhance production, and customize branding and labeling. From start to finish, we provide a single source for all of your food goods.

Deli and Snacks

For deli snacks, sandwiches, and other items, customers will be highly motivated by the packaging aesthetic. Our entire line of deli containers is durable, resealable, and stackable, and they’re also lightweight and clear with a customized appearance to promote sales. Boost the sales of lunch and snack items by providing customers with a package as enticing as the food held within it!


Whether you create custom candies or standard confections, EasyPak can provide packaging to meet your needs. One-of-a-kind, traditional, or somewhere in between, the packaging solution we provide will be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Herb and Tender Leaf

These most vulnerable food goods are well-protected by the EasyPak line of packaging intended for the Herb and Tender Leaf market. While durable, these containers can be resealed and are lightweight. Your products will remain fresh, safe, and displayed beautifully.

Baked Goods

Bakery items need to be sold at the peak of freshness, so packaging must preserve this quality. Fresh cookies, cakes, and muffins will keep your customers coming back.


The EasyPak series of meat trays is revolutionary, providing the perfect replacement for foam trays. This line of tray improves the appearance and freshness of freshly packed meats. Our proprietary, patent-pending honeycomb structures grab and hold juices from meat, even when the package is overturned. The tray design allows clear wrap to be applied without breaking the plastic or warping the tray.

EasyPak offers clamshell containers with lids and one- or two-piece thermoformed containers. For more information or to place an order, call 484-525-4231 or contact us online.