Cupcake Clamshells

Keeping your cupcake creations safe, secure and fresh with clamshells has never been easier than when you trust EasyPak as your source for thermoformed plastic packaging. We offer a variety of options for shape, size, and even branding.

Cupcake ClamshellsAs a key player in the thermoformed plastic packaging industry since 2004, EasyPak provides eco-friendly and affordable packaging throughout the country. Our locations range from one coast to the other, so we are positioned to meet your packaging needs regardless of your location.

Why Clamshells?

To gain a clear picture of the usefulness of clamshell containers for cupcakes and other bakery items, consider that clamshell packaging is a transparent, strong, one-piece package that joins two halves by a hinge. The clamshells may have more than one hinge if necessary, and each half may have different molded sections to separate food items.

Clamshells make your work easy because they are a single piece. They’ll also highlight your product because the material is transparent to allow for great presentation. The affordability and tamper resistance are also beneficial for your customers.

Tamper-resistance from clamshells comes from the sealing mechanism. This feature prevents your food products from being contaminated while displayed. Most clamshells have tabs, snaps, or a friction fit, and they’re sealed with heat.

Clamshell packaging for the baked goods market vary in style. EasyPak provides several options that will fit more than just cupcakes. Cupcake clamshells will also accommodate muffins, and EasyPak offers styles for mini and oversized varieties as well as for individual items or purchases in increments of 4, 6, or 12. The design is such that you won’t have to worry about damage to frosting or muffin tops.

EasyPak cake containers are varied as well. We make packaging to accommodate up to triple layer cakes, including accents and decorative items. Our clamshell products will also protect ring cakes, sheet cakes, bar cakes, half cakes, Bundt cakes, and even cake slices from becoming stale while waiting for sale.

EasyPak’s pie containers are similarly durable and versatile. From dessert pies to pot pies and even quiches – of all sizes and varieties – each can be accommodated in EasyPak clamshells for both presentation and storage.

Our packaging protects during transport and while on store shelves and also provides an appealing presentation. The products will stay fresh longer, and we can even apply branding or labelling as requested.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Producing recyclable packaging and enhancing the recycling of plastic materials are key goals of EasyPak. Our efforts to increase sustainability go beyond these efforts to encompass every step in our process from manufacturing with less energy to reducing our carbon impact during transport.

EasyPak clamshells await your cake, pie, or cupcake products. Our team will walk you through the options, including customization, labelling, and branding. We offer hundreds of options, in all sorts of sizes and appearances. Reach out at 484-525-4231 or use online options to browse our Product Search tool, order samples, or place an order.