Custom Plastic Clamshell Packaging

The packaging you choose to highlight the food products you sell is critical to the continued success of your business. Here at EasyPak, we provide hundreds of different sized and shaped custom plastic clamshell packaging solutions, and we have the capacity and skills to meet your needs.

Custom Plastic Clamshell PackagingA leader in the food packaging industry, EasyPak was founded in 2004. Our products are varied in both form and function, and we can provide fast and satisfying product design and order fulfillment. In recent years, the company has grown even further. In 2018, EasyPak acquired Tray-Pak of Reading, PA, and Nuconic Packaging of Vernon, CA, and in 2019, we also acquired James L. Villa, Inc. of Oldsmar, FL.

All four of these companies now work under the umbrella of EasyPak. We offer almost 70 years of expertise. Whether our customers need single-layer containers or multi-layer material MAP containers, we can provide a broad range of manufacturing and technical skill from coast to coast.

Our Variety Serves Many Purposes

The variety of packaging solutions produced by EasyPak makes it possible to serve many different markets. We are committed to meeting each step of the process for our customers, regardless of location or specific demands. These steps including the following:

  • Design
  • Production
  • Label creation
  • Assembly
  • Order fulfillment
  • Quick delivery needs

What is a Clamshell Container?

This plastic packaging design utilizes hinge and press-down features and can be created in stock or custom sizes. EasyPak offers round, square, rectangular, wedge and custom-shaped clamshell containers. These sturdy containers are unbreakable, lightweight, transparent, and resealable – designed for food safety and the protection of your products.

Food Markets We Serve

Herb and Tender Leaf

EasyPak packaging solutions protect herb and tender leaf goods from exposure to air. They maintain the freshness of the products and present them in the best light. These sturdy containers are lightweight, transparent, and resealable. Some containers in this category also have tamper-evident features.


The post-consumer recycled APET meat trays manufactured by EasyPak enhance the display of freshly packed meat. Using our proprietary, patent-pending honeycomb-like structure, our trays can capture and hold juices and liquids even when inverted. These trays are designed to be stretch wrapped without warping or puncturing the film, making them an excellent replacement for foam trays.

Desserts and Baked Goods

EasyPak provides a packaging solution that works incredibly well for baked goods and desserts. Our containers maintain the freshness of cookies, cakes, and muffins, and make your baked goods look their best. They are sturdy, lightweight, transparent, and resealable, and designed for safety and the preservation of delicate bakery products.


EasyPak is known for our expertise in customizing candy trays and creating one-of-a-kind confectionery packaging. Our speed to market, breadth of materials, prototype and engineering technology, and production versatility all contribute to making EasyPak the most reliable choice for your confectionery tray needs.

Snacks and Deli Products

EasyPak offers an extensive line of containers that are a perfect combination of strength and clarity to maintain the freshness of your deli and snack products and to enhance their display appearance. These sturdy containers are lightweight, transparent, resealable, and stackable. They are well-suited to as well as hummus, salsa, cheeses, and dips.

For custom plastic clamshell packaging or any other thermoformed solution, reach out to EasyPak by calling 484-525-4231.