Custom Plastic Food Packaging

The EasyPak solution to food packaging is custom plastic packaging that is varied and customizable. When you choose our packaging products, your food will have better aesthetics and protection in eco-friendly packaging. Regardless of the volume of packaging you need, the shapes or sizes, or your company’s location, delivery will be quick and in line with your needs.

Custom Plastic Food PackagingEasyPak is a well-known, successful leader in the packaging industry. Since 2004, we have produced and distributed creative, high-quality thermoformed food packaging solutions. Since 2018, our umbrella has expanded to include three more successful companies in the industry – Tray-Pak of Reading, PA, Nuconic Packaging of Vernon, CA, and James L. Villa of Oldsmar, FL. Our increased operating and delivery capacity serve to benefit our customers.

We provide a range of packaging solutions that include one- and two-piece designs, leak and tamper resistance, and complex multi-layer material MAP containers. Our facilities cover the nation from coast to coast for quick and satisfying service.

About Our Thermoformed Trays

Thermoforming is a technique that uses heat, vacuum and pressure to form thin plastic sheets into 3-D shapes determined by a mold. Once cooled, they are trimmed to the proper size for the end product and finished to improve their usability.

The thermoformed trays and lids manufactured by EasyPak are great solutions for many foods. The strength, durability, clarity, and diversity of the packaging we provide make them perfect for an array of confections, bakery goods, frozen foods, and even party platters. Every grocery store, deli, restaurant, or cafeteria will find EasyPak packaging to be superior to the competition.

EasyPak thermoformed packaging includes all sorts of different sizes and shapes. Round, square, rectangular, octagonal, clamshell, compartmented, fluted, and customized packages are all available.

Our meat trays are designed to enhance the display of freshly packed meats. Using the EasyPak proprietary, patent-pending honeycomb-like structure, the trays can capture and hold juices and liquids even when inverted. These trays are designed to be stretch wrapped without warping or puncturing the film, and are the perfect replacement for foam trays.

Eco-Friendly Measures

EasyPak embraces the goals of sustainability and is an eco-friendly company. We use recycled content as a main ingredient in our containers, trays and other thermoformed packages. PET is strong, safe, transparent, and versatile. It is also lightweight and 100% recyclable. The advantage of PET is that it does not transfer chemicals to the products it comes in contact with, so it is the ideal solution for food products.

EasyPak’s dedication to sustainability doesn’t end with materials or products. These eco-friendly efforts extend into every aspect of our business. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint while protecting the communities in which we operate. We consistently search for ways to balance responsible business with responsible environmental behavior. Our goal is to manufacture more packaging without increasing consumption of energy and water, or creating excess waste.

EasyPak makes it easy to order custom plastic food packaging according to your exact requirements. We can help you maximize brand exposure and display quality. Our contact number is 484-525-4231, and we’re dedicated to consistent, high quality packaging solutions for every single customer.