Deli Container Sizes

Thermoformed plastic packaging provides solutions for all sorts of food products, and EasyPak’s product catalog offers a diverse range of deli container sizes and shapes to meet all demands. In fact, in the unlikely event that we don’t offer the right container for your product, we make customization easy.

Who We Are

Deli Container SizesEasyPak, founded in 2004, is a leading manufacturer of thermoformed packaging for a wide range of uses and applications. In recent years, the company has expanded to include three other leaders in the industry, so we have the ability to quickly fill all orders with our nationwide technical and manufacturing facilities.

Why Choose Our Packaging Products?

EasyPak containers are high-quality and consistently merit an “A” rating from BRC Global Standards, the most stringent food safety certification available in our industry. Any food packaging need can be solved with our products, whether we have one in-stock or create one to suit your unique needs.

The following foods are ideally suited to EasyPak containers:

  • Deli products
  • Snacks
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Tender leaf products
  • Fresh herbs
  • Bakery products
  • Meat
  • Candy
  • Specialty items

In addition to being eco-friendly, EasyPak packaging is leak-resistant and tamper-evident. We also use a proprietary honeycomb base for meat packaging that will hold liquids even when the package is turned upside down.

To make it even easier, we offer label services to provide a pre-labeled container, lid, or clamshell.

Manufacturing Processes

Thermoforming processes make it simple to customize your order to spec. We can include your branding and logo information should you desire it.

We use heat and vacuum or air pressure to make 3D shapes out of thin-gauge plastic sheets by way of a mold. After cooling, these shapes are finished with trimming and remediation of small details to maximize functionality. Thermoformed plastic can even be melted and reformed repeatedly, so our containers can be recycled again and again.

We use food-grade plastic materials, like APET, HDPE, PP, HIPS, and PET. These are all transparent, durable, lightweight, and recyclable. A new addition to our food-grade containers is FDA PCR-APET, which is recycled APET, an eco-friendly choice. Our catalog includes many options that are bio-based, biodegradable, and compostable.

The size and shape of the container are critical elements for most customers. Different businesses require different containers – one size definitely does not fit all! EasyPak offers all shapes, including round, rectangular, square, and even octagonal, and each will appeal to different types of food manufacturers.

Delis most often prefer square or rectangular containers because the right angles fit shelving better, both in the deli section of the market and in the customer’s fridge. Rounded containers can be very useful for packaging as much product as possible in the container.

In our Product Search, you’ll find well over 350 different shapes and sizes of EasyPak plastic containers. We welcome requests for product samples. In fact, online purchases are often possible with many of our products.

Replace your unsustainable foam containers with eco-friendly deli containers of all shapes and sizes from EasyPak. We can fill your orders quickly and with stellar customer service. Begin by giving us a call at 484-525-4231. Our commitment to form, function, and flexibility means that we will do everything possible to meet your packaging needs.