Thermoformed Plastic Tray Manufacturer

EasyPak serves as a key thermoformed plastic tray manufacturer. We understand the complexities of food packaging and the variations necessary for different businesses. With EasyPak guiding and producing the required packaging, your product will be protected and perfectly displayed.

The Expansion of EasyPak

Thermoformed Plastic Tray ManufacturerEstablished in 2004, EasyPak is a leader in the thermoformed packaging solution industry. We provide an array of products for many industries and purposes. Since 2018, EasyPak has expanded by acquiring three other successful players in the plastic thermoforming industry: Tray-Pak of Reading, PA; Nuconic Packaging of Vernon, CA; and James L. Villa, Inc. of Oldsmar, FL.

The four leading companies now work under the EasyPak umbrella, and we provide top quality packaging for many markets including fresh produce, tender leaf products, meat, candy and confectionary, deli products and grab-and-go snacks, fresh herbs, bakery goods like candy and cookies, and specialty food products.

EasyPak offers creative design, engineering, production, labeling, management, delivery, and other processes to streamline your production. You’ll get your product to market faster and onto the shelves in splendid condition. To promote your brand and increase sales, consider the packaging as important as the product held within it.

EasyPak has more than 350 styles of thermoformed food packages in our catalog. You can download and browse through it on our website or request a product sample. In addition to ordering via phone, many of our products can be purchased online.

Choosing Your Food Packaging Supplier

If you’re looking for a new packaging source, consider how the packaging will suit your product, as well as characteristics of the packaging and the manufacturer.

  • The quality of any packaging solution you consider should be foremost on your list. You should inspect samples to ensure that they will meet your needs, and verify that the manufacturer is up-to-date with all regulations.
  • The selection should be the next consideration. Choose a company that will keep your packaging solutions in stock and can service your requirements on short notice.
  • The price of your packaging is also important. Find a manufacturer that handles most aspect of the process in-house to save on total costs.
  • Good suppliers are hard to come by, and their support will be critical to your company’s success. They should provide you with superb customer service and deliver answers you can depend on.
  • You should also consider that the packaging company is able to meet your service demands. The logistics and technical abilities of the company should enable them to provide appropriate, customized, and satisfactory service.
  • Timely delivery of your packaging products is also essential. The right supplier will provide information about required production time, short notice service, and reliable delivery times.

As a thermoformed plastic tray manufacturer, EasyPak is committed to providing superior quality packaging as a cost-effective, high quality, and reliable measure of business. Once you check into our packaging solutions and processes, we’re sure you’ll be duly impressed and ready to order. Reach out by calling 484-525-4231. We’re always happy to discuss how we can help you package your product for protection and display.