Meat & Produce Replacement

EasyPak’s Meat and Produce Replacement features patented Honeycomb technology allowing you to use fewer moisture pads in tray packaging, reducing waste. The revolutionary Honeycomb innovation locks in moisture:  liquids stay put, even when inverted, and your product remains fresher, longer, without chemical additives. The beautifully designed, post-recycled APET meat trays display your products in an elegant package. Available in a plethora of specialized shapes and sizes to cater to all protein types, from sushi to sirloin, EasyPak’s Honeycomb technology is as attractive as it is effective.

Find the Right Honeycomb Base Container

The perfect containers featuring EasyPak’s honeycomb technology to protect and extend the life of your proteins are just a few clicks away. Take a look through our product search below, then reach out to request a quote or get in touch with one of our representatives today. We can help you find the exact match for your application.