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EasyPak’s innovative food packaging products come in hundreds of combinations of sizes, shapes, materials, and special features, providing both attractive and reliable solutions for your thermoformed packaging needs. Our smart solutions also offer essential features for large-scale food producers.

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Articles, research, and tips for today’s packaging professional.

Dome and Platter: Meeting Evolving Needs with EasyPak

Wondering what domes and platters could do for you or why they’re so popular? Read on.

Tamper Evidence Trends: The Features You Care About

Tamper evident packaging trends: features producers care about, discussed by experts.

Meat & Protein Tray Packaging Design Trends 2022

From colors to functionality, as the world is changing, so does packaging.

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Whether you’re looking for a specific container or want to understand your packaging options for fresh foods, you’ve come to the right place. We make it easy to find the right container for any application.

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