EasyPak is creating a second life for plastic through a culture committed to protecting the environment and people around us.
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Sustainability is ingrained in all aspects of our business. Since our founding in 2004, EasyPak has been using recycled content as a main ingredient in our packaging containers, trays and other thermoformed packages. We are working hard to create second life market opportunities for recycled PET products. After all, curbside recycling is only effective if there is a market for the materials in those collected products.

We take it a step further and aim to have sustainability embedded into all of our operations, reducing our impact on the environment and taking care of our employees. As a part of our continuous improvement philosophy, we are always looking for ways to make more using less energy and water, and generating less waste.

our sustainability mission

Produce sustainable packaging that meets our customers' needs

Through innovative manufacturing to strategic material selection, we can produce packaging which minimizes plastic use while increasing percentages of recycled content. View case study >


Reduce our impact on the environment at our operations

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact from our manufacturing operations, from water to waste to energy.


Be a true sustainability partner for our customers

Consumers are demanding more sustainable and eco-friendly products and packaging. We are supporting our customers’ sustainability efforts to help lessen their own environmental footprint. We go the extra mile to help our customers find ways to recycle their waste or source other sustainable products.


Using Recycled PET results in a 79% reduction in total energy use and 67% reduction in total emissions produced.

Source: Plastics News | READ MORE >

the circular economy

Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation

sustainable operations

Take care of our employees

Safety of our employees is our number one priority. We are implementing industry best safety practices at all of our facilities.


Maximize Use of Recycled Content

Creating a market for recycled materials is a key component to principles of the circular economy. EasyPak works to maximize the use of recycled plastic products in all of our operations and to reduce usage of virgin plastic. We’ve identified the highest quality food-grade recycled material mitigates production by-product and yield loss. View our materials table > to see more about the recyclability of different materials.


Energy conservation

In 2018, with the help of DOE’s Industrial Assessment Center program, EasyPak performed energy assessments at 3 out of the 4 manufacturing facilities and identified energy efficiency opportunities that we will be implementing in 2019 and beyond.


Work toward zero waste at all of our facilities

Any scrap material is added back into the process, to ensure that our waste is kept to an absolute minimum.

2018 statistics

MegaWatt Hours Per Year

6 MegaWatts of energy efficiency opportunities were identified at EasyPak facilities in 2018, which is the equivalent energy to driving a passenger vehicle from Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida… and back, every year!


Recycled Content

96% of resin used for extrusion at EasyPak Leominster and Kalamazoo facilities in 2018 was recycled material, 80% of which was Post-Consumer Recycled content


Million Pounds of Scrap

An estimated 3.5 million pounds of scrap packaging was reground back into the process at our Kalamazoo facility in 2018