Microwave Safe

Many of EasyPak’s thermoformed containers also come in a microwave-safe form. Our excellently designed and elegant tubs, clamshells, or combo packs always expertly display your wares, but our microwave-safe bases and containers also go one step further. These containers give your customers what they want: the convenience of hot food shelf-to-table, or freezer-to-table, without dirtying any more dishes. Show them you value their experience by providing EasyPak containers that showcase how fantastic your product is on the shelf and save your customer time.

Find the Right Microwave Safe Container

The ideal microwave-safe packaging for your product is just a few clicks away. Take a look through our product search below, then reach out to request a quote or get in touch with one of our representatives today. We can help you find the exact match for your application.

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