EasyPak’s comprehensive line of protein and meat trays is designed to enhance the display of freshly packed meats and seafood through quality and technology. These rigid trays are lightweight, strong and incorporate an innovative honeycomb feature on the bottom to reduce the need for absorbent pads.

Advanced Technology

EasyPak has developed cutting-edge technology which uses a patented honeycomb-like structure to capture and hold juices and liquids even when inverted. These trays are designed to be stretch wrapped without warping or puncturing the film, which makes them the perfect meat and produce replacement for foam trays. Choose from a variety of trays from shallow to deep configurations that highlight the freshness and quality of your meat and proteins.

Meat tray
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Innovative honeycomb feature reduces the need for absorbent pads. This cutting-edge technology captures and holds liquids even when inverted.


Consistent Quality

EasyPak’s protein and meat trays feature unmatched clarity that entices shoppers to buy your product instead of foam trays. Choose from a variety of options to meet your unique manufacturing requirements. Common uses for trays include packaging ground beef, sliced meats, patties, seafood, and produce. Rely on EasyPak’s consistency in design and manufacturing of high-quality trays.