EasyPak Packaging Platform Created From 3 Synergistic Businesses

EasyPak, LLC (“EasyPak”) is pleased to announce the launch of its integrated, rebranded packaging platform, which consists of three synergistic thermoformed packaging businesses – EasyPak, Tray-Pak Corporation (“Tray-Pak”) and Nuconic Packaging, LLC (“Nuconic”).

The integration was part of a larger vision by private investment owner, Graham Partners, Inc., to build a leading, mid-sized thermoformed packaging platform. The combined business will now serve existing and new customers from four strategically located facilities in Leominster, Massachusetts; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Reading, Pennsylvania; and Vernon, California.

The re-branding, which includes a new website and logo, represents distinct value themes and images created by the history of each of the original businesses. The blue and green colors are complementary and fresh, reflecting on the path forward while continuing to build on each underlying company’s longstanding history, reputable brand and meaningful value creation. The tag line “Smart. Secure. Sustainable” creates clarity about the mission statement for employees and customers alike. These words capture our strengths and the branding message that we will drive internally with our employees and externally with our customers and markets served.

“EasyPak, Tray-Pak and Nuconic each bring extensive experience, innovation and differentiation in the packaging industry,” stated Dave Furstoss, CEO of EasyPak. “We are very excited to fully take advantage of the integrated capabilities, product offerings and services to focus on our growth of existing customers while opening doors to build new market opportunities.”

EasyPak™ Logo

Smart supports being innovative with speed to market.

Secure supports our tamper evident, quality, customer service and continuous improvement focus.

Sustainable supports our core strategy in choice of materials and environmental stewardship with our commitment to sustainability initiatives.