Dome and Platter: Meeting Evolving Needs with EasyPak

Dome and Platter: Meeting Evolving Needs with EasyPak

Just a few months ago, weddings, conventions, and family reunions were a rare sight. Now, rules preventing gatherings and limiting people in grocery stores are long gone in most places. As we move towards a new normal and the world opens again, people are starting to gather again, and they’re starting to shop again.

While we leave some stricter regulations behind, the need for reliable plastic dome and platter packaging is rising. EasyPak’s experts look at why and offer some options below.

While catering for large and small events is part of the reason, another is to meet the needs of a public with a new leery eye for safety, health, and quality. But that’s not all. As we approach 2023, the safety and health-conscious consumer becomes increasingly the norm, as sustainability continues to gain popularity.

Dome & Platter Combo Packs

Industries like deli, grocery, and food processor pack products such as snacks, fruits, nuts, meat, and proteins, all aiming to meet their customer’s evolving needs. It doesn’t matter what industry magazine you read – food safety is front and center, followed by healthier foods and sustainable packaging.

People are mindful of keeping touchpoints to a minimum, and containers that inspire confidence in your customers are paramount to stand out on the shelf. They want to see exactly what they’re buying, and they also want to know it’s safe. Our innovative platters offer ample room to display goods and our domes are clear but safe and secure.

Meat and SeafoodFrom Shrimp and Sandwich Rings to Bowls and Trays and beyond

EasyPak is perfectly situated to deliver options like 9-, 10-, and 11-inch dome and platter combo packs..

These trays feature clear domes that allow value-conscious customers to see the quality of the products they are buying. That is also true for tray and dome combos for sandwich rings and lids, 6-pack egg trays, shrimp rings (available in 6.5-inch and 9-inch), our crystal-clear bowls, and the STAKmate line, which comes in single and multi-compartment configurations.

Healthier choices are beautifully displayed on our fruit or produce platter, which comes in three sizes: The 10-inch tray (1004) has 5 compartment sizes and the 12-inch tray (1205) and 16-inch tray (1605) offer 6 compartments. These trays feature juice catchers, to control moisture and keep the product fresh.

Sustainable Options

The turn to sustainability today is by no means new. Since the turn of the century, plastic recycling has reached more than 3.09 million tons, according to the EPA. As the changes in today’s market roll out, consumer’s state that sustainable packaging is important to them when they make a purchasing decision.

Vertically integrated companies like EasyPak, utilize post-consumer recycled content (PCR), closed loop, and recycled PET (rPET) resins. That means they offer producers and consumers the best options for sustainable, secure, and cost-effective containers. By choosing sustainable options, both consumers and producers reap benefits.

EasyPak Domes and Platters, The Smart Choice

EasyPak delivers reliable, attractive packaging with the features you need, from tamper evident to microwave and freezer safe. We also understand that with the sheer volume of options we offer, it can seem intimidating to choose. That’s why we built a new way to find the perfect dome and platter for your needs.

When you’re ready to find the perfect container for you, check out our new EasyPak Product Search Helper. With just a few seconds, and a few questions you’ll get a list of the best options for you. Then Contact our helpful customer representatives to get a quote.

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