Deli, Dips & Sauces:
Choosing the Right Packaging Solution 

Did You Know… EasyPak means easy innovation for all your packaging needs. In the deli and dip production world, packaging is not just about containment; it is a crucial component of the overall consumer experience.

Revolutionize Your Deli and Dip Packaging with EasyPak’s Innovative Solutions

At EasyPak, we understand the unique challenges producers and packers face in preserving the freshness, quality, and visual appeal of deli items, dips, and sauces. Let us delve into how our innovative packaging solutions can significantly impact your brand.

Crafting the Perfect Package for Deli Items

Deli diversity; from hummus to coleslaw, macaroni salad, and potato salad, our packaging options for deli items are designed with diversity in mind. EasyPak’s tubs are not just containers but versatile packaging solutions suitable for individual portions or party platters.

Whether you opt for standard round deli cups, square tubs, or a clamshell-shaped solution, our extensive range of materials, technology, and quality ensures that your delicious products are protected for ideal freshness and taste while displayed in a visually appealing way.

Freshness Assurance

Our commitment to freshness goes beyond conventional packaging. EasyPak containers are easy to use and can incorporate film seal technology to lock in the flavors and extend the shelf life of your deli delights. Film seal options can be easily integrated into your processes to enhance the customer experience and add convenience for on-the-go consumers.

Innovative Packaging for Dips and Sauces

Beyond basic, EasyPak’s clear cups and tubs redefine the dip and sauce packaging standard. Designed to withstand leaks and spills, their stackable nature makes them an ideal choice for efficient shelving and storage. The variety of sizes and shapes—round, square, and rectangular—provides flexibility for your unique product lineup.

Preservation Excellence

What sets EasyPak apart is our commitment to preserving your dips and sauces without compromising quality. Our packaging options go beyond mere containment; some of our solutions even incorporate technology that creates an airtight seal helping prevent spoilage and inhibit oxidation (HPP high pressure packaging).

The result? Longer shelf life without excessive preservatives, aligning with the growing demand for clean-label options.

Labeling Capabilities: Streamlined Processing

Discover how our labeling capabilities can transform your brand and simplify your operations.

EasyPak understands that efficiency is key in the food production industry. With our labeling capabilities, you can brand your products with precision, ensuring a consistent and professional look. That is why we offer labeling capabilities that go beyond just packaging.

Whether you need to communicate vital nutritional information, ingredients, branding, or eye-catching designs, we have you covered.

This in-house labeling capability minimizes production steps, reduces lead times, and ensures a seamless transition from packaging to branding. It is one more way EasyPak simplifies your production process, allowing you to focus on what you do best—creating delicious deli, dips, and sauces that your customers love.

With EasyPak, you are not just getting packaging; you are gaining a partner committed to enhancing your products’ appeal, quality, and efficiency.

Showcase Your Brand

In a market saturated with choices, your brand deserves outstanding packaging. EasyPak understands the nuances of deli and dip packaging and brings innovation to the forefront.

Highlight your brand offerings with our comprehensive solutions that prioritize freshness, quality, and sustainability.

Finding the Perfect Container

Ready to explore how EasyPak can tailor its packaging solutions to meet your unique needs? Visit us today and embark on a journey to transform your deli and dip packaging game. Your products deserve packaging as exceptional as they are.

  • 5” Cups-Lids
    • DR6-W – 4.5” diameter, 6 oz. cup, wide flange
    • DR8-W – 4.5” diameter, 8 oz. cup, wide flange
    • DR10W-JW – 4.5” diameter, 10 oz. cup, wide flange
    • DR12-W – 4.5” diameter, 12 oz, cup, wide flange
    • DR13-WF – 4.5” diameter, 13 oz. cup, wide flange
    • DR15W-JW – 4.5” diameter, 15 oz. cup, wide flange
    • DR16-W – 4.5″ diameter, 16 oz. cup, wide flange
    • DRLD-V3 – 4.5” diameter, clear lid
    • DRLD-V3-Color – 4.5” diameter, color rim lid (many colors available)
  • 5” Cups-Lid – HPP Ready
    • DR8W-GF – 4.6” diameter, 8 oz. cup, wide flange, HPP ready
    • DR12W-GF – 4.6” diameter, 12 oz. cup, wide flange, HPP ready
    • DR14W-GF – 4.6” diameter, 14 oz. cup, wide flange, HPP ready
    • DR15W-GF – 4.6” diameter, 15 oz. cup, wide flange, HPP ready
    • DR16W-GF – 4.6” diameter, 16 oz. cup, wide flange HPP ready
    • DRLD-GF2 – 4.6” diameter, clear lid
  • 5” Cups-Lids
    • D5R-300-V2-01 – 5.5” diameter, 10 oz. cup
    • D5R-360-HM – 5.5” diameter, 12 oz. cup
    • D5R-500-HM – 5.5” diameter, 16 oz. cup
    • D5R-600-HM – 5.5” diameter, 20 oz. cup
    • D5R-700 – 5.5” diameter, 24 oz. cup
    • D5R-900-CD – 5.5” diameter, 30 oz. cup
    • D5R-1000-HM – 5.5” diameter 32 oz. cup
    • D5RLS-V4-11 – 5.5” diameter clear lid
    • D5RLS-V4-Color – 5.5” diameter color rim lid (many colors available)

Easy Product Search

If you do not see the right thing there, try EasyPak’s easy-to-use product search. Simply answer five easy questions about your needs and product specifics and get a list of the best off-the-shelf items for you. If you need a custom solution, EasyPak is positioned to deliver.

EasyPak is Here to Help

Our team has decades of experience in product design and engineering that remove the barriers to getting your product to market and allow you to maintain your competitive edge.

When we tackle your project, we deploy our deep knowledge of the thermoforming industry, the functionality of automated packing lines and equipment, and the transportation and storage requirements into our design recommendations.

Packaging design often evolves throughout the project’s life, so our development process is designed to be flexible and collaborative to ensure the best possible result.

Whether you need more information about us or have a thermoforming project to discuss, call us at 855-297-7744 or Contact Us Online.

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