Custom Packaging Design Options

The perfect packaging for your needs begins with the right design. In addition to our extensive in-stock options, EasyPak offers custom design options for thermoformed plastic containers. Whether you’re looking for tamper-evident technology or leak-resistant packaging, the possibilities are endless.

EasyPak recognizes that food packaging needs to meet the needs of producers, retailers, and consumers, including covering diverse niches with perfect products. Whether you need something unique, or a 19.6-ounce, 6 inch square container with 4 compartments, or a 1.5 ounce clamshell to present, preserve, and protect herbs, or a 4 compartment apple clamshell container for fresh fruits or confections, we have you covered.

Custom Thermoformed Packaging Solutions

Thermoforming is a technique that uses heat, vacuum, and pressure to form plastic sheets into three-dimensional shapes determined by a mold.

One of the greatest benefits of using thermoformed plastic packaging is the ability to create dynamic and intricate shapes. Custom thermoformed packages are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including round, square, rectangular, octagonal, clamshell, trays, two-piece, compartmented, fluted, and virtually any other custom form.

Some features include, but not limited to:

  • Film sealing
  • Leak resistance
  • Tamper-evidence
  • Ultra Sonic Tear Strip
  • Microwave and Freezer safe
  • HPP (High Pressure Processing)
  • Honeycomb patented technology
  • Blend customize materials and features


Custom Clamshell Designs

Thermoformed clamshell packaging is durable and resilient as it protects the food and items against contamination or destruction. Clamshell designs provide protection not only during shipping and transportation but offers many sealing options that can prevent leaks and extend the shelf life of the products.

With custom clamshell designs, you’ll have the flexibility to choose from styles and security features designed to prevent unintended access through cutting, ripping or tearing. Clamshell containers are popular with food manufacturers because of it allows for heightened visibility to prospective buyers while minimizing theft and damage.

Custom Tray Designs

EasyPak’s custom thermoformed trays and lids can be used for many different food products. They’re perfect for displaying your items on the shelf to ensure your products stand out from the rest.

Our trays feature a proprietary honeycomb-like structure that seals in juices and liquids even when the package is inverted. This eliminates the need for foam pads which cuts down on costs and is friendly to the environment. Our patented thermoformed meat trays can be stretch wrapped without warping or puncturing, making them the perfect replacement for foam trays.

Custom Two-Piece Plastic Packaging

As a part of our vast array of custom options, we also offer two-piece plastic packaging to meet your unique requirements. Two piece custom packaging is a great option for many customers because it allows them the freedom to design specific packaging to showcase your product and branding in a way that is totally unique to your company.

EasyPak Custom Packaging

EasyPak has history in the thermoformed plastic packaging industry with expertise in creating customized clamshells, trays, and one-of-a-kind containers. Our custom designs reflect the perfect combination of function and aesthetics. We’ll work with you closely to ensure packaging and materials can be seamlessly integrated into your automated line for more efficient production.

With EasyPak’s in-house custom manufacturing capabilities, our solutions are sure to fit any need. Contact us to learn more about the custom design process and to speak with a representative.

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