Finding the Best Bowl for My Application

Many producers, co-packers, and distributors require bowls/deli cups to package their products. There can be numerous details and specifications to consider when searching out the best packaging options for a product, making it overwhelming at times. This is especially true since human error often presents obstacles when choosing.

EasyPak provides reliable and high-quality bowls in quantities for national and niche businesses alike. If you are looking for anywhere from a few hundred thousand units a year, to millions, we are perfectly positioned to handle your needs, while also being agile enough to handle complex and custom requests.

EasyPak’s experts understand that your time is valuable. They’ve made the process of choosing the right bowl or cup as reliable and effective as possible. With our simple product finder, which we’ll discuss below, all you need to do is answer a few questions specific to your product to find the right bowl.

Let’s get started on covering the basics, then show you how to find your perfect bowl or deli cup, in 5 easy steps!

How to Define My Perfect Bowl

Choosing the right bowl for your product is vital to meeting the needs of your consumer. A multitude of factors come into play when determining the ideal bowl to satisfy the complex needs of a diverse customer base.

The major points you need to understand are the visuals (what you expect the product to look like), features, environmental conditions, storage, and the transportation needs of your product. Serving size, of course, can be a huge factor, like in the case of our OPS 3-3/4-inch, 6-ounce round smooth container, or when needing special functionality, like the 4-compartment, 32-ounce, clear 7 inch round tub. Then there are uses to take into consideration, like a round deli cup, a 14 ounce standard in most facilities.

Features and Display

clear compartment containers holding salad, fruits, and cheese

How your product looks on the shelf is unique to each brand, the right packaging sets you apart from your competitors. When developing the best packaging for your specific brand, design choices such as color, shape, functionality, and materials are essential to creating the perfect bowl for your product.

Our post-consumer content bowl packaging provides a crystal clear look and durable function. It can handle the heat of the microwave and the cold depths of the freezer, all while maintaining its beautiful structure.

Deli, Dips, Sauces, or Confections?


When choosing a bowl for your product, the first step is determining which container best fits your product’s needs. For example, if you sell salsa or hummus to your consumers, the 16 oz. clear 5.5″ round tubwould be a perfect fit to keep the product crisp and clean.

There is a wide range of use with the EasyPak bowls and deli cups for a variety of products such as deli, dips, and everyone’s favorite, dessert! Our bowl packaging helps keep those delicious bakery goods fresh and ready to go.

Sustainability: Recycled Plastics

Plastic has three final fates, incineration, landfills, and reprocessing. According to McKinsey & Company, after being surveyed, an average of 43 percent of consumers deemed recycling and understanding the effects it has on the environment as extremely necessary. Sustainability is a rapidly growing industry and providing that knowledge and understanding of the importance of recycled packaging is crucial to meet your consumer’s needs.

Out of the 40 tons of plastic distributed in 2018, only about 5 percent was recycled (Smithsonian Magazine). Providing a bowl that looks good and benefits the environment, is a win-win!

Simplify: Product Selection at Your Fingertips

Take the guesswork, and stress, out of choosing your next bowl for product packaging by using our simple, intuitive product finder.

In just five questions and a few seconds, you’ll receive a specialized list of packaging options to best fit you and your brand. Once you find your packaging, simply contact a representative or request a sample.

Let’s Talk About It

EasyPak wants to provide the utmost services to our consumers. Finding the best bowls for your application is a process that needs a reliable support system. If you would like another hand in finding the right bowl, contact a representative, we are happy to help!

Have questions or want to work with an expert? Schedule a free meeting with our knowledgeable team members today to discuss your options and ideas to find the perfect bowl for your application.

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