How to Choose a Food Packaging Company

As you evaluate your packaging supplier options, communicate with them directly to learn about their products and operations. Here are some things to consider:

Selection: Does the food packaging supplier have what you need in stock? You will want a company that offers a large selection of packaging options, but also keeps the items in stock for when you need them.

Quality: Inspect samples of the packaging products and materials to be sure they meet your specifications. Your packaging manufacturer must also be up-to-date with the latest food safety measures, including SQF certification.

Pricing: You will want to be confident that the manufacturer’s prices are competitive. Tip: Look for a food packaging manufacturer that takes care of everything in-house – from designs to tooling to final production. This can effectively lower your overall costs.

Service: Will the packaging company be able to service your business when it expands? Inquire whether they work with larger organizations. This is a sign that they already have the capability to provide support for larger operations and that you’ll be able to rely on them over the long term.

Delivery: No one wants to run out of packaging for their products. A good supplier will advise you of the lead times early in the process to give you confidence that you will have your order when you need it. Tip: Look for a plastic packaging manufacturer with multiple locations throughout the country.

Support: When packaging is not your area of expertise, you will want to rely on the manufacturer’s sales team to answer all of your questions about their products and help you find the right packaging solutions to move your business forward.

Sustainability: Sustainability is also a growing concern for consumers today, and many consumers prefer to purchase products from brands that use environmentally friendly packaging materials. Thermoforming is highly sustainable because of the materials that can be used as well as the actual production process.

Why Choose EasyPak For Your Packaging Needs?

The EasyPak team has decades of experience in product design and engineering that will remove the barriers of getting your product to market and allow you to maintain your competitive edge. When our customers have urgent or unexpected needs, we do everything in our power to meet them.

Here are some highlights of what EasyPak has to offer:

  • National footprint and plant locations
  • Food-focused
  • State-of-the-art, standard to large platform thermoforming lines
  • Available in rectangular, round, square, octagonal, clamshell, compartmented and fluted shapes
  • Leak-resistant and vented tamper-evident packaging
  • Proprietary honey-comb base structure that captures and holds juices and liquids even when inverted
  • ISO 9001:2015 registered
  • SQF “Safe Quality Food” Plant Certification
  • SCS Global Services Certification
  • Quality checks performed every ½ –1 hour
  • Full traceability back to raw materials
  • In-house extrusion capabilities
  • Labeling services so you can purchase a pre-labeled lid, clamshell, or container, if desired
  • Committed to sustainability, bio-based, biodegradable and compostable material options available
  • 100% recyclable packaging options certified to meet all FDA regulations
  • Growing catalog of stock products
  • Custom packaging solutions to meet the unique needs of customers
  • Dedicated customer service team

We provide the highest quality thermoformed food packaging solutions to every customer.  Whether you need more information about us or have a project you would like to discuss, call us at 855-297-7744 or contact us online [email protected] .

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