In focus: the Honeycomb Base Design

Today’s packaging for meat and proteins has come a long way. In years past, meat and proteins were packaged in cardboard paper-pulp cartons, often becoming a soggy mess from grocery store to consumer. High-quality thermoformed plastic packaging took security and freshness to a new level, keeping meats and proteins moist while maintaining the packaging’s rigid structure.

With the introduction of another new feature, EasyPak has again raised the bar for its line of rigid trays for meat and protein. The proprietary honeycomb design is an exciting feature of our lightweight and strong line of protein and meat trays designed to enhance the display and shelf appeal of freshly-packed meats and proteins.

How does the Honeycomb work?

Today’s consumers expect freshness and long shelf lives for the products they buy- all with an appealing shelf look. In addition, a growing number of consumers expect sustainable design and less waste.

With these growing consumer demands in mind, EasyPak’s honeycomb structure tackles the interconnected

This structure, which covers the bottom of trays in the meat and produce replacement line, captures and holds liquids in the honeycomb cells. Even if the package is inverted, the honeycomb holds liquids.

This quality technology reduces the need for an additional moisture-absorbing pad within the container. That equals cost savings, with a reduction in necessary packaging.

The Honeycomb: versatile design for food processing

EasyPak’s honeycomb base design is available in a variety of popular sizes for food processing. Additionally, these honeycomb trays offer features to ensure they perform at a high level for any food processing operation. The trays feature an enhanced corner design, which allows for the trays to be stretch wrapped on a high-speed production line or by hand without warping or puncturing the film.

The design is also suitable for complex, multi-layer-material Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). The MAP packaging process is designed to maintain food’s appearance, texture, and nutrition without relying on chemical additives or food stabilizers. MAP is ideal for delicate and fresh products. This packaging process ensures optimal taste and texture for products. Because consumers expect an extended shelf life, as well as clean labels, MAP technology has grown in popularity. EasyPak’s honeycomb design meets these consumer demands while also continuing to provide the sturdy, high-quality design of all our other lines.

These trays are available in both clear and black plastic, in a variety of popular sizes and shallow to deep configurations. For food processors, these trays highlight the freshness and quality of meat and proteins. And that appearance isn’t just window dressing: the innovative honeycomb technology and enhanced designs backs up the outstanding look.

The added bonus of sustainability

This innovative protein and meat trays are formed using 100% post-consumer recycled content (PCR). PCR plastics are recycled from existing PET plastics, including bottles. Through recycling programs, these materials are made into new products.

Using PCR to create packaging like our meat and protein trays offers several environmental benefits, including reducing our carbon footprint and lessening our impact on landfills.

As consumers demand more environmentally-friendly products, those options must also provide the security and freshness protection they’re accustomed to with other options.  This PCR packaging matches the quality of regular packaging: the same level of protection, barrier performance, and strength. These plastics still block light, oxygen, and other gases, while providing unmatched leak protection.

This added bonus of sustainability is a complement to EasyPak’s consistency in the design and manufacturing of high-quality trays and all our product lines.

Get the honeycomb

The honeycomb base trays are just one of several industry-leading special features offered by EasyPak, as part of our high-quality line of smart, secure, and sustainable thermoformed plastic packaging.

You can get a sample of these honeycomb base trays sent directly to you by sending us a sample request.

If you’re looking for a meat or protein tray in a specific size, we can help. Contact us so we can work with you to determine the best custom solution to fit your needs.

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