The Versatility of Rectangular Tubs: Products and Features

The Versatility of Rectangular Tubs: Products and Features

Regardless of your industry, rectangular tubs are versatile with applications across many packaging categories.  Boasting crystal-clear display capabilities, EasyPak offers rectangular tubs in many different dimensions.

From bulk packs, like our 30-ounce 5×7 rectangle tub, to single serve containers like the 16-ounce square tub, the need for containers for snacks, fruits and nuts, candy, bakery, and even hardware, the applications for inventory and count control, display, and safety are seemingly endless.

Fresh Cut, Tender Leaf, Bakery, and More

Over the past few years, consumer trends have taken safety out of the background and into the limelight. Reliable, safe packaging that displays your wares and locks in freshness is the name of the game. EasyPak’s rectangular tubs offer cost-effective solutions to your packaging needs across all markets and industries.

We’re ideally situated to deliver bulk packaging in configurations and counts set with the producer in mind. We carry the sizes you are looking for and have the options your customers demand. All that’s left is choosing the right product for you.

Finding the Perfect Rectangular TubStacked square clear containers with assorted fruit and vegetables

To find the perfect rectangular tub for your needs, determine the purpose you want to fulfill, and then you can begin to sort through options. For those looking for more granular steps, we have a blog article going through the in-depth steps to determine the best container. However, the simplest explanation is to determine the life of the product, from preparation to packing, then on to transportation, and finally, display and end-user interaction with the product.

EasyPak took out this guesswork and simplified the process to five questions that take a few seconds to answer. Our innovative new Product Finder Helper then delivers a list of options suited to your needs. Our helpful and knowledgeable representatives can help you narrow down further to the correct choice, and when ready, provide a quote on the product(s) chosen.

Sustainability Options

EasyPak understands that meeting your customer’s desires to be more environmentally responsible is at the top of your list of needs. Our rectangular tubs come in recycled PET (rPET) options, helping you stand out as an option among all the others on the shelf. In packaging terms, safety and attractiveness only get you so far these days.  Looking for a post-consumer recycled content package (PCR)? Reach out to one of our packaging experts and let us guide you to the right choice for your package.

Recycling and being environmentally responsible is a 20-year trend, with no sign of slowing, and EasyPak is vertically integrated, allowing them to deliver options you need at cost-effective price points. Since 60 percent of global consumers believe recycled packaging is a vital purchasing consideration, it’s an essential consideration for producers.

EasyPak Is Here to Help

EasyPak has decades of experience and the expertise to deliver exactly what you need – from deli to confectionery and beyond. We work closely with food processors, copackers, and distributors to understand and meet their complex needs. We’ve also taken the guesswork out of choosing packaging with our product search helper.

Have questions, need a quote, or want to work with an expert for the most seamless and simple process possible? Schedule a free consultation with our product team today to discuss your options and ideas.

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