Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

EasyPak is committed to providing sustainable packaging solutions. Sustainability is ingrained in all aspects of our business from recycling to reusing materials in our thermoforming process.

What is Sustainability and Why Does it Matter?

Simply put, sustainability is the ability to maintain life on Earth. It’s the relationship between the biosphere and human civilization and the effect of that coexistence. Sustainability aims to reduce the negative human impact on the Earth through environmentally friendly practices. The United Nations identifies many goals to achieving sustainability including ones that align with our unique manufacturing objectives. We strive to reduce or maintain our production methods to present environmentally-sound products and solutions.

How We Achieve our Sustainability Goals

Smart Selection of Materials

EasyPak uses recycled content as a main ingredient in our containers, trays, and other thermoformed plastic packages in our product line. We’ve selected PET (polyethylene terephthalate) as it is durable, safe, transparent, and versatile and 100% recyclable. PET is ideal for direct food contact since it does not transfer chemicals to the products it comes in contact with. We use eco-friendly materials and offer bio-based and compostable materials in many cases. EasyPak also meets all FDA regulations.

Resource Dependency Reduction

Through our highly efficient manufacturing process, we are able to reprocess scrap into usable material. We ensure that nothing is wasted and we use all the materials to create a zero waste. Our goal is to reduce resource dependency through smart production methods, enhanced stock management and product design that minimize waste.

Responsible Consumption and Production

We encourage everyone to take an active role in achieving sustainability through responsible consumption and recycling. EasyPak’s commitment to sustainability begins with our production process. Thermoforming plastic is an efficient means of production that reduces wasted materials. We are able to produce products that use as little raw material as possible while maintaining high quality standards.

Reducing Our Impact

Sustainability is an all-encompassing commitment. EasyPak aims to have sustainability embedded into all of our operations, reducing our impact on the environment and caring for the neighborhoods where we live, work, and raise our families. We are always looking for ways to manufacture our products using less energy and water, while generating less waste.

Helping Customers Meet Their Goals

Sustainability is a growing concern for consumers today, and many buyers prefer to purchase products from brands that use environmentally friendly packaging materials. Whether you need a stock EasyPak product or a custom solution we will produce thermoformed packaging designed to meet your unique requirements, all while remaining focused on sustainable production methods. We are committed to providing dependable, sustainable, and quality packaging—on time, every time. Get in touch with us or call 855-297-7744.

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