What is Thermoforming?

What is Thermoforming?

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process that uses heat, vacuum, and pressure to form plastic sheets into three-dimensional shapes determined by a mold. After coming in contact with the mold, the shapes are then cut, inspected, and assembled into packaging. All of EasyPak’s products are produced into thermoformed packaging.


  1. Roll Stand: Rolls of plastic film are loaded onto a spool connected to the machine.
  2. Material In-Feed: The plastic is fed through the machine.
  3. Oven: The plastic is heated to a pliable temperature until is it ready for molding.
  4. Forming Station: The molds compress against the film, forming it into specific shapes.
  5. Trim Station: Excess plastic is trimmed and the product takes its final form.
  6. Stacking and Inspection Station: The formed plastic is inspected, stacked, and packed for shipment.

Advantages of Thermoformed Packaging

One of the greatest advantages of the thermoforming process is the low cost of tooling and production. Prototyping is also quick and inexpensive which leads to shorter production lead times.

In addition to quick tooling and prototyping, the ability to mold custom designs—small or large—is superior to other types of plastic processing procedures. Thermoforming produces parts with enhanced stress crack resistance, high impact strength, and good rigidity. Thermoforming is also a sustaining method of production as excess plastic is recycled for further use.

Common Uses for Thermoformed Plastic Packaging

Thermoformed plastic trays can be used for packaging that requires a customized shape. Common uses for EasyPak’s clear and black PETE (or PET) thermoformed trays include (but are not limited to):

  • Fresh herbs
  • Tender leaf products
  • Fresh produce
  • Baked goods and desserts
  • Deli products and snacks
  • Meat and seafood
  • Candy and confectionery
  • Party platters

In addition, we offer a complete line of PCR post-consumer recycled APET meat trays designed to enhance the display of freshly packed meats. Our trays can capture and hold juices and liquids using our proprietary, patented honeycomb-like structure even when inverted. They are the perfect substitute for foam trays.

Our trays are suitable for complex multi-layer-material Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to ensure an extended shelf life for delicate and fresh products to avoid the addition of chemical preservatives or stabilizers.

EasyPak provides the highest quality thermoformed plastic packaging solutions to every customer. EasyPak is the smart choice for protecting and displaying items, all while remaining environmentally conscious. Use our helpful Product Search tool or contact us online or call 855-297-7744 to discuss custom solutions.

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