Which Type of Packaging Should I Choose?

When it comes to thermoformed plastic packaging, the options are wide open. At EasyPak, we design and manufacture plastic packaging for both looks and function. When searching for the right packaging for your products, consider all of your options.

Thermoplastic food packaging is typically broken down into the following styles:

  • Base and Lid – This type of thermoformed plastic packaging is commonly used to showcase deli products, salads, cakes and other desserts, and grab-and-go items. EasyPak’s containers feature either domed or flat lids and are easily stackable for maximum utilization of shelf space.
  • Clamshell – This plastic packaging design utilizes hinge and press-down features and can be created in stock and custom sizes. EasyPak offers square, rectangular, wedge and custom-shaped clamshell containers. These sturdy containers are lightweight, transparent, and resealable – designed for food safety and the protection of products.
  • Trays – EasyPak’s thermoformed trays will protect and display packages of meats, seafood, sushi, gourmet chocolates, cookies etc. We also offer a complete line of post-consumer recycled APET meat trays designed to enhance the display of freshly packed meats. Using our proprietary honeycomb like structure, our trays can capture and hold juices and liquids even when inverted. They are the perfect substitute for foam trays.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Thermoformed Plastic Packaging

Many consumers consider product packaging to be an important indicator of quality. To build brand loyalty and increase the likelihood of repeat sales for your products, take these factors into consideration:


Thermoformed packaging is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including clamshell, rectangular, round, square, octagonal, compartmented, fluted, etc. clamshell containers, in particular, are a perfect combination of strength and clarity that will enhance the display appearance of your food products.

Freshness & Transparency

In the case of fresh fruit and produce, herbs, tender leaf products, and baked goods, EasyPak’s tamper-evident clamshell packaging will help preserve their freshness and protect them from spoilage. It will also allow consumers to see the freshness for themselves.


Our containers have areas to attach labels with information about your product, such as instructions, ingredients, and nutrition information. Branding can also be incorporated to draw attention to the product on retail shelves.

Product Protection

Thermoformed clamshell packaging is a durable, resilient, and tamper-resistant option that protects the food inside against contamination and is designed to prevent easy access by unintended individuals through cutting, ripping, or tearing. It offers protection not only during shipping and transportation, but also provides numerous sealing options that can prevent leaks and extend the shelf life of the products.


Packaging performance depends on design and function, and each application has an optimal food-grade material choice. EasyPak’s engineers will help you design the optimal package for your application and choose the right material, from traditional plastic polymers to new eco-friendly alternatives.


Sustainability is also a growing concern for consumers today, and many consumers prefer to purchase products from brands that use environmentally friendly packaging materials. Thermoforming is highly sustainable because of the materials that can be used as well as the actual production process.

Sustainability is ingrained in all aspects of our business at EasyPak. We use recycled content as a main ingredient in our packaging containers, trays, and other thermoformed packages. We are working hard to create second life market opportunities for recycled PET products.

Why Choose EasyPak?

Our team has decades of experience in product design and engineering that remove the barriers of getting your product to market and allow you to maintain your competitive edge.

When we tackle your project, we deploy our deep knowledge of the thermoforming industry, the functionality of automated packing lines and equipment, as well as the transportation and storage requirements into our design recommendations.

Packaging design often evolves throughout the life of the project, so our development process is designed to be both flexible and collaborative to ensure the best possible result.

Whether you need a little more information about us or have a thermoforming project to discuss, call us at 855-297-7744 or contact us online.

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