A fresh-cut fruit provider in Los Angeles needed secure packaging at reduced cost


More people on the go are seeking healthy snack alternatives, and the demand for quality packaged fresh cut fruit has never been greater. But getting a fit packaging solution is key.
A failed container can turn beautiful, bite-sized fruit into an expensive mess on the production line, in the distribution chain, or perhaps in the lap of an upset customer.
As one of the largest fresh-cut fruit providers in the U.S., Simply Fresh Fruit offers an extensive product line which is cut on-site – from oranges to mango to melons, strawberries and grapes, pineapple, papaya and more. Packaging for these products can vary by retailer.
Simply Fresh Fruit initially used an imported two-part container at a price point the customer wanted. But they soon discovered that the imported product did not perform well. It did not close correctly, and it was hard to fill, requiring more time to pack, resulting in high labor costs.


EasyPak developed a solution, focused on easy-to-fill attributes and tamper proofing to ensure secure closure. As a result of this successful partnership, EasyPak maintains an ongoing relationship with the customer – they come up with the concepts, EasyPak provides prototypes. Based on listening and reacting to what Simply Fresh needs, EasyPak adjusts designs improves.

“EasyPak’s eagerness to make things better for us was one of the biggest factors. They pushed themselves on their lead times before we ever needed to push them.”

EasyPak collaborated to create a winning solution

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