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A national dessert company could not keep up with increasing raw material and packaging costs


During a project review meeting with a customer – a national dessert company that EasyPak had been in partnership with for over two decades – frustrations were candidly shared regarding cost issues that the company was experiencing.
Upon hearing that even a slight cost savings would make a meaningful difference to the dessert company, one of EasyPak’s experienced New Product Development (NPD) Managers went to the drawing board. But a re-design of the packaging was not an option because that would lead to subsequent changes to the paper packaging.


EasyPak’s longstanding industry experience and knowledge, specifically the team’s understanding of fluctuating resin costs and other market factors, proved to be beneficial when examining the options for this project. EasyPak presented the customer with a detailed analysis of at least three cost savings options for six separate projects. These cost savings concepts included material and production modifications that would enhance product features while improving yield and labor costs for specific projects.
After successful material, material gauge, or tooling changes to three different projects, the customer:

  • Saved over $70,000
  • Off-set the cost of updated tooling within the first part-run
  • Reduced scrap material by 40%
  • Took proactive measures to reduce the environmental impact of its product packaging

EasyPak collaborated to create a winning solution

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