round plastic container with three compartments for chocolate covered pretzels

A national chocolate manufacturer sought a packaging supplier with superior products and reduced, dependable lead times


With a company history that predates refrigeration and plastic, this American candy company knew a thing or two about packing candy. In recent years, the candy maker experienced packaging suppliers falling short of the excellence and timeliness required by their high profile brand. Lead times that started out at a passable three weeks had turned into a sluggish six weeks, then into an unacceptable eight.
The company was experiencing problems with their supplier, who short-shipped or couldn’t deliver in a timely fashion, causing havoc with the chocolatier’s customer base. They were also looking for a new PET package to present their product ‘in a way that would let it sell itself.’


EasyPak created a 3D print part to ensure correct sizing, and then then produced an actual prototype of a production-ready part in only a few weeks, which was immediately approved. The company provided the right solution, with desired right material, lead time, and service needed. The chocolatier went on to buy a million and a half of the developed product, soon followed by a custom-modified larger version.

“The team went above and beyond when we needed them to do. Their eagerness to make things better for us was one of the biggest factors. They pushed themselves on their lead times before we ever needed to push them.”

EasyPak collaborated to create a winning solution

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