A Fortune 100 food processor needed a creative, innovative, sustainable packaging solution


The company was being challenged by a retail customer of its own – one with a corporate image and mission that revolves around being environmentally responsible and a leader in sustainable initiatives. EasyPak, in partnership with this customer, set out to reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging for the major U.S. retailer’s private label meat brand.


EasyPak worked closely with the customer on a packaging redesign. The ultimate goal was to decrease weight and cost of the product, while maintaining part performance and volume, keeping an environmentally-friendly solution in mind. This project was a success, resulting in:

  • A more efficient package design for size and nesting, while improving the item’s robotic application
  • A 13% reduction in package gram weight
  • A 7% cost reduction
  • 2,000 saved gallons of fuel
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions by 19 metric tons, via a reduction in transportation requirements
  • Displaced need to recycle 24 tons of corrugated packaging

EasyPak collaborated to create a winning solution

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