Bakery Container Suppliers

When you are looking for reliable bakery container suppliers, consider EasyPak. From design to production, we are dedicated to providing an unparalleled customer experience and enjoy being challenged to find the best packaging solutions for our customers.

EasyPak, founded in 2004, is one of North America’s leading resources for innovative solutions in thermoformed plastic food packaging.

Bakery Container SuppliersSince recently acquiring three other successful plastic thermoforming companies – Tray-Pak (Reading, PA), Nuconic Packaging (Vernon, CA), and James L. Villa, Inc. (Oldsmar, FL) – EasyPak has the ability to offer customers deep technical expertise and an array of manufacturing capabilities, with facilities from coast to coast.

Our speed to market, breadth of materials, prototype and engineering technology, and production versatility are all critical factors in what makes EasyPak the most reliable choice for your plastic packaging needs. Our dedicated team, all of whom have many years of experience in thermoforming, can help make your food packaging ideas a reality.

Styles of Plastic Bakery Containers

Aesthetics are everything with baked goods. EasyPak’s clamshell and other styles of containers will make your baked goods and desserts look their best and keep them fresh longer. They are clear, durable, and designed for their visual appeal and protective qualities.

Our clamshell containers feature hinged lids that are easy to open and close. Once the lid is locked in place, the baked goods will be held securely in place and protected from damage. These mostly airtight containers will keep your products in peak condition longer.

Cake & Pie Containers – When you need clear plastic containers to show off your single-, double- or triple-layer cakes (with frosting or decorations), Bundt cakes, Angel Food cakes, bar cakes, sheet cakes, regular and deep-dish pies, half-cakes and half-pies, tarts, pot pies, and/or wedge cake or pie slices, and preserve their freshness on store shelves, consider the bakery containers available from EasyPak.

Cupcake & Muffin Containers – EasyPak offers a variety of crystal-clear plastic cupcake and muffin containers that allow your baked goods to show through brilliantly. Our user-friendly containers are available in individual, 4-cavity, 6-cavity, 12-cavity, and a variety of other configurations that will hold everything from mini-cupcakes and muffins, to oversized cupcakes and muffins, to frosted cupcakes and high-peaked muffins.

Cookie Containers – Whether you choose a clamshell design or a thermoformed plastic tray and lid, EasyPak containers are the perfect tool for keeping your cookies, donuts, sweet rolls, cinnamon buns, and similar baked goods safe while on display and during transportation. Available in a variety of shapes, these containers feature crystal clear lids that snap securely into their compatible bottoms, effectively creating an air tight seal.

EasyPak offers a wide selection of stock thermoformed bakery container configurations in different sizes, shapes and styles. Download and browse our product catalog or request a product sample. Many of our products can be purchased online. If a stock solution is not right for you, then a solutions-based approach led by our industry leading team can design and manufacture a custom solution to meet your unique needs.

As thermoformed plastic bakery container suppliers, EasyPak can help you show off your bakery products and keep them intact during transportation and display. Whether you have low volume or high volume packaging needs, contact us today at 484-525-4231 to explore our designs and materials and discuss your ideas, or contact us online.