Clamshell Packaging

Packaging is advertising. It’s how consumers recognize your products on the shelf. If you are evaluating different types of packaging for your food products, consider thermoformed plastic clamshell containers from EasyPak.

Clamshell PackagingFounded in Leominster, MA in 2004, EasyPak stocks over 350 shapes and sizes of thermoformed food containers for fresh produce, deli and snack products, herbs, tender leaf products, baked goods, meat, candy and desserts, and many other specialty foods. We also specialize in designing custom solutions to meet the specific needs of customers.

Upon acquiring three other successful plastic thermoforming companies in 2018 and 2019 – Tray-Pak, Nuconic Packaging and James L. Villa, Inc. – EasyPak now offers a wide spectrum of technical and manufacturing capabilities across a national footprint, with facilities in Leominster, MA, Kalamazoo, MI, Reading, PA, Vernon, CA and Oldsmar, FL.

We are ISO 9001:2015 registered; maintain SQF “Safe Quality Food” Plant Certification and SCS Global Services Certification; and our facilities consistently receive “A” ratings from BRC Global Standards, the most stringent food safety certification available in our industry. We encourage you to use our comprehensive Product Search tool or request a product sample.

Why Choose Thermoformed Plastic Clamshell Packaging?

Thermoformed clamshell packaging may offer you more benefits than other types of packaging:

Design Options: Thermoformed packaging is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including clamshell, rectangular, round, square, octagonal, compartmented, fluted, etc. Clamshell containers, in particular, are a perfect combination of strength and clarity that will enhance the display appearance of your food products.

Freshness & Transparency: In the case of fresh fruit and produce, herbs, tender leaf products, and baked goods, EasyPak’s clamshell packaging will help preserve their freshness and protect them from spoilage. It will also allow consumers to see exactly what they are buying.

Customization: Space can be provided on EasyPak thermoformed containers for important information about your product, such as instructions, ingredients, and nutrition information. Branding can also be incorporated to draw attention to the product on retail shelves.

Product Protection: Thermoformed clamshell packaging is a durable, resilient, and tamper-resistant option that protects the food inside against contamination and is designed to prevent easy access by unintended individuals through cutting, ripping or tearing.  It offers protection not only during shipping and transportation, but also provides numerous sealing options that can prevent leaks and extend the shelf life of the products.

Sustainability: Consumers today want to buy products from brands that use eco-friendly packaging materials. The process of thermoforming is highly sustainable in materials and production. EasyPak uses recycled content as a main ingredient in our thermoformed containers. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is strong, safe, transparent, and versatile. It is also lightweight and 100% recyclable. The advantage of PET is that it does not transfer chemicals to the products it comes in contact with, so it is ideal for food products.

When it comes to selecting the right thermoformed plastic packaging for your products, you have many options. Whether you are considering clamshell packaging or a custom-designed solution, EasyPak can help. Contact us today at 484-525-4231 to explore our capabilities.