Custom Thermoforming

You will find a variety of solutions for your food packaging needs via custom thermoforming. Partner with the helpful team at EasyPak for the ideal solution for your food products.

Custom ThermoformingSince 2004, EasyPak has provided thermoformed plastic packaging solutions for an array of industries and uses. We’ve gone on to acquire three other plastic thermoforming companies: Tray-Pak, Nuconic Packaging, and James L. Villa, Inc.

We offer high quality technical and manufacturing services across the country through our numerous manufacturing sites. Our focus is satisfying customers with eco-friendly products that meet every packaging need down to the last detail.

The Process of Thermoforming

The thermoforming process involves softening a thin-gauge, rigid plastic sheet with heat and then applying vacuum or air pressure to apply it into a mold. The sheet is then cooled until it solidifies into the planned three-dimensional shape.

Thermoforming is different from plastic injection molding. While the results are of similar quality and detail, thermoforming costs less, is faster, and is easier to customize. In general, thermoformed packaging is 10-15% less expensive than injection molded options.

Choosing between Pressure and Vacuum Molding

When forming your customized thermoformed packaging, we will use either air pressure or vacuum pressure for the molding process. The best option will depend on your preferred results. Vacuum molding is better for smaller quantities with few intricate details, but pressure molding is better when the packaging is detailed and includes shapes, sharp corners, different textures, embedded logos, and other aesthetic details.

Determining the Right Plastic Option for Your Purposes

The engineers at EasyPak will take your ideas and choose the best option to customize the perfect thermoformed packaging for your products.

The packaging will address your specified goals regarding both design and utility as well as an optimal food-grade material result. Our specialists at EasyPak can help create the best package for your plans, including determining the best material for those plans.

We offer traditional plastic polymers, but we recommend new eco-friendly alternatives like FDA PCR-APET (Post-Consumer Recycled APET) or bio-based, biodegradable material choices. All available options are food-grade approved, as evidenced by our “A” rating with BRC Global Standards, the most stringent of food-safety certifications.

Types of Thermoformed Packaging Available

The most common styles include:

  • Two-piece
    • Easily stacked
    • Two-part design with container and lid
    • Commonly used for displaying food items such as:
      • Salads
      • Cakes
      • Deli items
      • Party trays
  • Clamshell
    • Features open and close function based on a hinge and press-down design
    • Sizes can be either in-stock or customized
    • Available in square, rectangular, wedge, round, and custom shapes
    • Sturdy and unbreakable
    • Lightweight
    • Transparent
    • Resealable
    • Created for food safety
  • Trays
    • Used to protect and display party trays, frozen dinners, and large deli platters
    • Available as a complete line of meat trays with structures specifically designed to protect from leaks and spills
    • Ideal replacement for foam trays

If custom thermoforming seems like the best method of meeting your food packaging needs, call EasyPak at 484-525-4231. Your packaging will be ideally suited to your products, perfect for food storage, affordable, and convenient.