Deli Case Display Trays

If you’re searching for the best trays for your deli case display, look no further than EasyPak thermoformed packaging. Our products check every box for both form and function with customized and stock options to ensure that your preferences for appearance and composition are satisfied.

About EasyPak

Deli Case Display TraysFounded in 2004, EasyPak strives to offer high-quality thermoformed plastic food packaging for a diverse range of purposes. During the evolution of our company, we’ve expanded to incorporate three other leaders within the industry, bringing our manufacturing sites up to five and making it simple to fill orders quickly around the country.

Food Safety

Our high-quality food packaging materials consistently earn an “A” grade from BRC Global Standards. You can rest assured that your containers from EasyPak, including deli trays, will be well-suited to keeping the food in the deli safe.

Display for Looks and Efficiency

Using EasyPak trays in the deli will keep meat fresher than foam trays and increase the efficiency and functionality of the packaging. Our proprietary, patent-pending honeycomb-like structure will secure and hold the juices and liquids, even if inverted. These trays are the ideal addition to the deli case.

Another benefit of choosing EasyPak trays is that they provide an extended shelf life for fresh food goods without having to add chemical preservative or stabilizers. This is due to the complex multi-layer-material Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) we use.

Our process also facilitates the addition of branding for your trays. Your logo will be prominent and enhance the likelihood of developing loyal customer relationships.

Variety of Goods Can Be Displayed

EasyPak makes thermoformed tray sets that are suitable for an array of goods to be served, stored, or displayed. Our products will work in your deli case to display:

  • Salads
  • Bakery items
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • Meats
  • Cheeses
  • Other deli items

How the Trays Are Made

Thermoformed trays use heat combined with vacuum and air pressure to create thin, molded plastic sheets in the shape of your choice. You can choose from a variety of stock shapes and sizes or request custom options.

Eco-Friendly Options

Using eco-friendly products is good for your business’s reputation; it’s also ethical and cost-effective. EasyPak focuses on employing recycled materials to make thermoformed packaging products, and sustainability is a key goal of our business at every level.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is an excellent material for food packaging. Absolutely no chemical transfer occurs with contact, and the material is strong, clear, and usable for many different functions.

EasyPak’s sustainability commitment involves more than using recyclable materials and providing recycling channels for our products in turn. We also strive to reduce our carbon footprint, use fewer resources, and produce less waste. Our corporate commitment is not one we take lightly.

Make EasyPak your source for display trays for the deli case.   We offer stock and customized options meant to meet your specific demands and protect the safety and flavor of your products. For more information, call 484-525-4231. We are fully prepared to meet your needs for all food packaging regardless of purpose or food type.