EasyPak Packaging

Meeting your unique needs for state-of-the-art thermoformed food packaging involves collaboration with EasyPak from the initial packaging concept to implementation on your production lines.

EasyPak, founded in 2004, is a leading provider of thermoformed packaging solutions for a wide range of global industries and applications. In 2018, EasyPak joined forces with two other successful plastic thermoforming companies: Tray-Pak and Nuconic Packaging. In 2019, a fourth business was acquired, James L. Villa, Inc., expanding the business into the Southeast.

EasyPak PackagingNow operating together under the EasyPak name, we are capable of a wide spectrum of technical and manufacturing capabilities across a national footprint, with facilities in Leominster, MA, Kalamazoo, MI, Reading, PA, Vernon, CA and Oldsmar, FL.

With nearly 70 years of combined experience and extensive knowledge in the packaging industry, we provide customers with everything from diverse one-piece and two-piece designs, to leak-resistant and tamper-evident packaging, to complex multi-layer-material MAP containers. We consistently produce high-quality packaging with a quick turnaround, but are flexible enough to adjust production when necessary to meet just-in-time customer demands.

Food Markets We Serve

EasyPak offers dependable, high-performing plastic food and confectionery packaging in a variety of markets. We provide product design, engineering, manufacturing, mold prototyping, production tooling, and labeling, and will develop other services to solve your packaging problems and simplify your operations.

Confectionery – EasyPak is known for our proficiency in customizing candy trays and creating one-of-a-kind confectionery packaging. Our speed to market, breadth of materials, prototype and engineering technology, and production versatility all contribute to making EasyPak the most reliable choice for your confectionery tray needs.

Herb & Tender Leaf – Herbs are perhaps the most perishable produce, but our tender leaf containers are designed for the protection and preservation of herbs, salads and other fresh produce. They maintain the freshness of the products and present them in the best light. These sturdy containers are lightweight, transparent, and resealable. Some containers in this category also have tamper-evident features.

Meat – EasyPak offers a complete line of post-consumer recycled APET meat trays designed to enhance the display of freshly packed meats. Using our proprietary, patent-pending honeycomb-like structure, our trays can capture and hold juices and liquids even when inverted. These trays are designed to be stretch wrapped without warping or puncturing the film, making them the ideal replacement for foam trays.

Deli & Snacks – EasyPak offers an extensive line of containers that are a perfect combination of strength and clarity to maintain the freshness of your deli and snack products and to enhance their display appearance. These sturdy containers are lightweight, transparent, resealable, and stackable. They are well-suited to as well as hummus, salsa, cheeses, and dips.

Baked Goods –Our containers maintain the freshness of cookies, cakes, and muffins, and make your baked goods look their best. They are sturdy, lightweight, transparent, and resealable, and designed for safety and the preservation of delicate bakery products.

With a wide array of capabilities and technological platforms that offer the flexibility to support small to large volume orders, EasyPak provides the highest quality thermoformed food packaging solutions to every customer. Whether you need a little more information about us or want to discuss a project, call us at 484-525-4231 or contact us online.