Plastic Clamshell Containers

Choose plastic clamshell containers from EasyPak when you want to protect your products on the way to your customers and make a good impression when they get there.

Plastic Clamshell ContainersFounded in 2004, EasyPak is a leader in thermoformed packaging solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. We stock over 350 shapes and sizes of thermoformed food containers for herbs, tender leaf food products, fresh produce, deli and snack products, meat, baked goods, candy and desserts, and many other specialty food products.

We consistently produce high-quality packaging with a quick turnaround, but are flexible enough to adjust production when necessary to meet just-in-time customer demands. We also specialize in designing custom solutions that meet the unique needs of customers.

EasyPak is ISO 9001:2015 registered; maintains SQF “Safe Quality Food” Plant Certification and SCS Global Services Certification; and our facilities consistently receive “A” ratings from BRC Global Standards, the most stringent food safety certification available in our industry.

Why Choose Clamshell Packaging

When presented with endless product choices, consumers often choose the product with the best packaging. If you are considering different types of packaging for your food products, here are several reasons why clamshell packaging could offer more benefits than other types of packaging.


Shoppers are surrounded by packaging as they stroll through grocery stores. There is no better packaging for attracting them to your fresh fruit and produce, herbs, tender leaf products, grab-and-go deli items, and baked goods than EasyPak thermoformed clamshell containers.


Clear plastic clamshell containers from EasyPak enable consumers to see what they are buying. For example, it’s immediately apparent whether strawberries are bright, firm and ripe, or beginning to mold. Making your products easily visible to shoppers is the best way to assure them that the products they are buying are in the promised condition, without flaws or defects.


Clear plastic clamshell containers protect the safety and freshness of your products; e.g., from airborne contaminants, improper handling during transport, spoilage, crushing or bruising. EasyPak’s leak-resistant and vented tamper-evident containers are sturdy, lightweight, transparent, and designed to prevent easy access by unintended individuals through cutting, ripping or tearing.

Ease of Use

Some types of plastic packaging can be difficult for consumers to open. This may be ideal during transportation and shelving, but could cause frustration once in the consumer’s hands. EasyPak clamshell containers, on the other hand, are easier to open, can be resealed, and lend themselves to space-saving storage.


Sustainability is ingrained in all aspects of our business at EasyPak. We use recycled content as a main ingredient in our packaging containers, trays and other thermoformed packages. We are always looking for ways to make more food packaging containers using less energy and water, while generating less waste.

To explore your many options in thermoformed plastic packaging, we encourage you to download and browse our product catalog or request a product sample.

As you evaluate different types of packaging for your product, consider plastic clamshell containers from EasyPak. Contact us today at 484-525-4231. We can custom design thermoformed packaging to meet your unique requirements for enhanced brand visibility and aesthetic value.